Collections Services

PRS offers to its clients a contingent “no win – no fee” debt collection service for those accounts whereby your usual efforts to collect the monies outstanding have failed.

Any business with a legitimate invoice outstanding can refer their account for collection.

Clients of PRS are automatically given a log in and can keep track of their files referred via our BDCCollect online system whereby they can:

a) refer individual or bulk files for collection;
b) make notes or instructions on the files;
c) make payments direct onto the system;
d) interact directly with their account manager from PRS;
e) obtain specifically tailored collection reports for inclusive of all monies collected, costs incurred and updates for each individual debtor;
f) obtain copies of all correspondence and documents sent on each individual file;
g) set up internal work queues for their credit/collections staff to action files in conjunction with PRS efforts.

PRS are based in Brisbane, Queensland and covers all jurisdictions in Australia.