Credit Management Services

The cost of a full-time employee to manage the credit function on behalf of a business can be prohibitive, especially to small start-ups or SME’s.

PRS offers to its clients an all inclusive service whereby we can manage the risk of your new clients (via searches), assist with invoicing and contacting your clients once they have exceeded your credit terms to receipting of funds on your behalf.

Further, we can offer to our clients comprehensive reporting of their debtors from daily “snapshots” to year on year trends. We provide 24/7 access to your files via the internet to your accounts so that you can note the files, note payments, communicate with your account manager at PRS and run reports, amongst other things.

Our software integrates easily with most accounting packages, in particular MYOB.

This outsourced function can help balance the relationship with your customers and sales force.

Alternatively, you can outsource 1 or 2 of the above to assist in the day to day administration of your business.

PRS can easily refer your more troublesome debts to our collections area or lawyers for further action once out of the usual credit management cycle, making it an integrated solution for your business.

PRS are based in Brisbane, Queensland and covers all jurisdictions in Australia.