Credit Management Services

The cost of a full-time employee to manage the credit function on behalf of a business can be prohibitive, especially to small start-ups or SMEs.

At BDC we offer clients an all inclusive service to manage the risk of new clients, assist with invoicing, contacting your clients when their credit terms have been exceeded and recovering funds on your behalf.

Leave the hard work to us and we’ll provide you with any time access to your files, comprehensive reports and updates on your debtors using software that integrates with a suite of accounting packages.

In cases of troublesome debts, our collections department and legal partners are able to assist you understand your options and take further action.

DIY Credit Management Services

BDC provide businesses with a “DIY” credit management system that allows you to use our system to collect debt.  Simply add your debtor information and let the system send SMS, email and letters on your behalf.

The system is based on best practice and is designed and proven to bring results to your efforts. We can tailor it to the individual credit terms of your customers.

We offer a yearly subscription (or monthly) fee for this service – a fraction of how much it costs to either employ a credit manager, purchasing expensive software, or having your accounts/sales staff attend to the function.

Credit Management Consultancy

We are the experts in credit management, having consulted and advised business from SMEs to Australian banks to offshore mercantile agencies, forming policy and procedure for large debt purchasers and contingent collections operations.

With over 25 years’ experience in operational management of large credit management and collections teams both onshore and offshore, we are more than able to assist your collections and credit management needs.

We are also able to offer clients an opportunity to review your current operations, offer guidance to process and procedure, review credit documentation and letters and much more.

BDC Credit Management and Collections Consultancy services are an affordable and effective way to ensure that you remain at the cutting edge of best practice.