DIY Credit Management & Collections

DIY Credit Management

PRS, through its technology partner, can provide to your business a “diy” credit management service which incorporates the downloading of the debt onto our system, then utilising that system to send sms’s, emails and letters (on your letter head) and prompting you or your staff to call when necessary.

The system is based on best practice and is designed and proven to bring results to your efforts. We can tailor it to the individual credit terms of your customers.

We offer a yearly subscription (or monthly) fee for this service – a fraction of how much it costs to either employ a credit manager, purchasing expensive software, or having your accounts/sales staff attend to the function.

The DIY Credit Management System can be utilised by the smallest business to the largest business looking for an add on solution to their current Practice Management System.

DIY Collection Services

Alternatively, you can send a “one-off” collection letter to those customers who have not paid your accounts, on our letterhead, to escalate the matter to prompt payment from them.
We can fix the fee for the “diy” collection letter based on volume referred.
The system can then easily prompt you to refer the matter to PRS for debt collection purposes should your efforts not be rewarded.
This service is a cost effective manner of escalation just prior to handing files over to a debt collection company and is designed to save you costs on commission. This method has been proven to collect from the smallest to largest debts outstanding via the escalation process.
The use of DIY services gives you control over an important part of your business, without unnecessarily consuming your time on this task.
PRS are based in Brisbane, Queensland and covers all jurisdictions in Australia.

PRS are based in Brisbane, Queensland and covers all jurisdictions in Australia.