Risk Management Services

Knowing about your potential (or even existing customers) is critical to allow you to decide how much initial or ongoing credit you are comfortable extending to them.

PRS provide a direct portal to searches covering directorships on individuals, credit reports on companies, alerts to adverse credit information (such as judgements, changes of directorships or changes to the PPRS register), which can assist our clients in making these critical decisions.

We can deliver the results to you electronically promptly and accurately.

The benefits of utilising the searches through PRS is that, via our relationship with the information providers, your company or business:

– your business does not need to register with them and pay membership fees.
– through our combined client purchasing power, we can provide these reports to you at a lower cost to your business.

Further, all reports obtained are kept in electronic form on your PRSCollect login (our online system avaialable 24/7) for future reference.

PRS are based in Brisbane, Queensland and covers all jurisdictions in Australia.